Employee Value Proposition

Why should the Talent you want to hire choose you over your competitors?

The two-way unwritten, psychological contact of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) faces growing pressure. Attracting and retaining talent persist as top challenges for many HR directors. However, the post-recruitment phase demands attention: Are we actively working to retain talent and align their expectations with reality? 

Aspects crucial to bridging this expectation-reality gap include opportunities for growth and development, clarity on individual contributions to the organisation, fair and transparent rewards, empowerment through voice, and alignment with organisational goals. At any given moment, it’s crucial to understand how well your company is currently living up to its promises.

When an EVP is well-aligned, employees are 33% more likely to be engaged and 59% more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. Our team are experts on EVPs. Take a look at some of our latest blogs to get you inspired on all things EVP.  If you have questions that need answering, fill out the form below.

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