About Us

We are group of intelligent and performance-driven communication experts - but we would say that!

Our global award-winning consultants specialise in marketing-led Employee Communication campaigns. With background in HR communication and marketing, we're a busy team of strategists and creatives based near Brighton - the UK's leading creative hotspot - working both locally and globally.





Elizabeth Spencer Phillips Profile
I’ve been here from the start and I’m immensely proud of what we achieve. Our blend of data-driven insight and creativity inspires me. When I’m not working, I’m… Skiing, eating cheese and drinking wine (but not at the same time)!

Elizabeth Spencer-Phillips

Founding Director and MD
Chris Hopkins Profile
I have enormous fun shaping the world of employee comms. The pace of innovation, technology and change keeps me on my toes! When I’m not working, I’m… Cycling. The challenge, the scenery and the fresh air is wonderful.

Christopher Hopkins

Founding Director and Lead Communications Consultant
Chris Andrew
I balance creativity with clarity (having originally trained as an architect). From gamification to web design, I’m passionate about employee engagement. When I’m not working, I’m…cooking, watching movies and drinking wine.

Chris Andrew

Strategy Director
Ros Stokeld
I love making accountancy relevant and understandable to everyone. It’s made Caburn Hope and me a perfect fit. When I’m not working, I’m… Mucking out my Connemara ponies or studying for my Open University degree.

Ros Stokeld

Caroline Russell
I’ve worked in marketing and design agencies since I graduated. Still to this day, I love the whole creative process from initial idea to post-production. When I'm not working I'm...enjoying Brighton!

Caroline Russell

Employee Communication Specialist
Allesandra De Santis
I’m happiest building brands using integrated techniques. Whether it’s video, social or creative design, I achieve results - fast. Oh, I’m also fluent in French and Italian too. When I’m not working, I’m… Cooking and binge-watching box sets.

Alessandra De Santis

Employee Communication Specialist
Steve Affleck
From Reward to talent, brand to HRIS, I enjoy helping people solve their engagement challenges. When I’m not working, I’m….playing keyboards in a covers band and working on my allotment.

Steve Affleck

Business Development Consultant
Courtney Dobson
My expertise is Internal Communications and I’m passionate about keeping people connected - realising the role they play in the bigger picture. When I’m not working I’m… playing Rugby or Netball.

Courtney Dobson

Employee Communication Specialist
Vicky Johnstone Profile
I’ve always worked in employer brand and employee communications as I find it fascinating. Immersing yourself into organisations to produce communications which showcase their culture is so rewarding. When I’m not working…I’m enjoying family days out in the Sussex countryside.

Vicky Johnstone

Account Director
Alex Jones Profile
I have worked in digital agencies since 2013 and love the process of bringing exciting initial ideas to life. When I am not putting together project plans and excel documents both at work and in my personal life, I can be found spending time with family and friends in and around Brighton.

Alex Jones

Employee Communication Specialist
Joanne Dallman Profile
I am a creative, passionate marketing professional who enjoys learning about the latest digital marketing trends that help drive brands to success. When I'm not working... I am hanging out with my family, running, cooking and setting my sights on our next travel destination!

Joanne Dallman

Marketing Manager

Our Trusted Partners

Art Directors

Unique and always innovative.

Knowing the complexity of HR strategy and the need to engage people, our art directors are the very best for applying creative brilliance to a sensitive subject.


Language is our thing.

We have the Kings and Queens of copy. Some craft spectacular strap-lines, others produce exceptional technical narratives for complex topics.

Digital Specialists

Inspirational and super-functional technology.

Front end UX, back end development, CRM, SSO, SharePoint, Office 365 integration. 

Portals, modellers, websites. PHP or .NET, WordPress or Umbraco, whatever it takes to inspire your people.

Our Brand Story


Inspiring people since 1993. Ahead of the internet and into the digital age; as Human Resources took over from the Personnel function and invested in the development and retention of their talented people; from people being seen as a resource, to being empowered as an enabler of business performance. 

Throughout this time, Caburn Hope has worked with some of the world’s leading businesses and brands. These are all companies who inspire people to maximise their individual opportunities and aspirations, whether as consumers or employees. Keeping our focus on the ever-changing world of work, our heritage in marketing means we understand behaviours – and the powerful effect of inspiring communication.

What’s in an identity? The Morse code in our brand is a metaphor for our approach to decoding business goals and understanding why people would be motivated to achieve them.

Look closely at our logo and you will see the Morse spells our initials C and H. This code crosses the red circle to signify our global experience. Are you ready to decipher our brand messages?


Empowered working, people focused, uniquely expert and creatively driven – that’s our recipe for inspiring people to be at their very best. It underpins who we are, what we stand for and how we work with people. Our values guide the business decisions we make and the solutions we deliver – and there’s no difference in the way we treat people, inside and out.


We see all people as equal. 

As a team, we encourage everyone to express their beliefs, ideas, individual talents to achieve their aspirations and fulfilment.


The human experience is at the centre of everything we do. Building relationships and being  mindful of the diverse contributions people make are paramount to our way of working.


Always motivated to be the very best at everything we do. 

We are recognised as number one in our field. To be there we have defined our market and sourced the sharpest minds - the most experienced strategists who understand client goals and people’s values.


We always see the possibilities and find new ways to communicate big ideas or complex concepts. 

Our people are open to using new techniques, new technologies and new ways of inspiring people.

Chris Hopkins Profile

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Christopher Hopkins