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Fostering a culture of learning at L’Oréal

The Story So Far...

A key project involved developing the strategy and branding for L’Oreal’s learning and engagement programme. We love working with this exciting brand and they are such a fantastic team who are willing to take risks and embrace creativity. In the future we are keen to showcase our skills in other areas of the L’Oreal brand. Watch this space!

Feature Project

Wanting to foster a collaborative culture where employees achieve success, L’Oréal UK sought to raise employee awareness and understanding of the Learning and Culture function as a true enabler for unleashing their people’s full potential.

The team at Caburn Hope developed a striking identity that both reflected the existing culture at L’Oréal UK and would stand out from the ongoing internal communications whilst remaining consistent.

Following in-depth scoping workshops with the L’Oréal team, two identities were developed, with one being selected for further development. Narrative and identity guidelines followed, as a set of icons served as visual anchors for the core pillar of Learning at L’Oréal – from talent onboarding and culture embedding, to supporting leadership development and nurturing growth mindsets.

Accompanying the identity, a toolkit of communications was produced to launch the L’Oréal Learning Week event. Pre-launch teaser materials piqued engagement, whilst a communication guide ensured ongoing consistency of meaningful communication – all with a recognisable identity at its heart.

Awareness of the Learning brand and its initiatives increased as well as a successful launch of the identity at L’Oreal’s Learning Week.

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Fantastic team, willing to take risks and embrace creativity
Elizabeth Spencer-Phillips, Founding Director & MD


The Role of the Manager Presentation from L'Oreal

Role of the Manager Module

Having never truly defined what they expect from their managers, this learning module brought together the leadership competencies and simplicity behaviours. Better clarifying the role of the manager

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L&D Toolkit

Pull up banners, email campaigns, signatures, web banners, and more. We were able to to communicate key messages for the L’Oreal Learning + Culture brand

L'Oreal Learning & Culture logo on yellow background

Learning & Development Branding

Creating a whole new identity to motive and engage employees to connect with the L’Oreal Learning + Culture brand

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