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This piece is inspired by this year’s pay review time – a time for new beginnings and decisions to be made relating to pay, performance and the Reward package for the subsequent year. It’s also, particularly from a communication perspective, a chance to reflect on who an organisation’s people really are, what they need and the role Reward plays in effectively engaging them. So, I thought that it’s a good moment to pull together some insights and thoughts from the experiences I’ve had whilst working alongside some of the world’s leading Reward exponents and our clients – reflecting on how critical a dynamic communication strategy is when Reward is changing Read more

Running man with purpose

“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How” — Friedrich Nietzsche, “Maxims and Arrows” Twilight of the Idols We must all know, the world is full of what has now become a constant: change. There are many academic studies denoting the effects on human behaviour from operational stress and organisational transformation.  This, having significant impact on productivity and performance, also causes a detrimental impression on personal wellbeing. But this is nothing new, as the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus commented over 2,000 years ago “You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you” – all very profound, but Read more

Since starting at Caburn Hope, I have found myself exposed to some pretty impressive onboarding programmes. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), for example, have a whole online portal dedicated simply to the step by step journey of onboarding for the new hire. Collectively, this has got me thinking: why have an onboarding programme? What are the advantages of onboarding, and what can businesses do to ensure that they make the most of it?  Take a look at our infographic, or alternatively, click on the image for some quick tips on how to make your onboarding programme more effective. 1. Set the tone: As onboarding includes such a wide variety Read more

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