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Our organisations are changing at an incredible pace. In a landscape of evolving workplaces (and workforces), accelerating technology and a fair amount of uncertainty, HR communication plays a critical role in maintaining employee engagement. But what’s in store for the employee communication of the future? Here are five key challenges we see on the horizon. Challenge 1: Dealing with the imminent GDPR Unless you’ve been hiding under your duvet for the past year, you’ll know that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018, drastically tightening up data protection and privacy rules. This will have a huge impact on how companies store and use personal data Read more

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Financial wellbeing – defined as employees feeling happy and secure about their finances – is perhaps the final frontier of employee wellbeing. Until recently, this vital issue has been overlooked by employers, who have typically focused on physical and mental wellbeing. But, in light of some eye-opening stats, it’s no wonder companies are beginning to offer financial education and help employees take control of their money: 46 per cent of employees worry about their finances (1) 33 per cent say financial worries are their biggest concern, ranking higher than concerns about health or work-life balance (2) Fostering financial wellbeing in the workplace Raising employees’ awareness of their financial package is Read more


Anyone with just a passing knowledge of marketing will know that effective branding is a vital part of attracting and retaining customers. Translate that to HR, and a strong employer brand is critical if you want to find and keep talent.  Here are our 10 reasons why employer branding is business critical, which includes some eye-opening stats.   Below we take a more detailed look at why employer branding is so important to both job seekers and companies. Candidates care about employer branding Your employer brand is what people – both current and prospective employees – think about your company, including what the business stands for and what it’s like Read more

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