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Dawning inspiration

Every year, when I see the Coca-Cola ‘Holidays are coming’ advert on TV, it makes me feel a bit warm and cosy. Now, “warm and cosy” aren’t generally words you’d use to describe drinking Coca-Cola – so what’s going on? And what the devil (you may ask), does this have to do with Reward communication? Well, everything actually. The reason I feel warm and cosy about Coke is down to the way in which they use Contextual and Content Marketing. Contextual Marketing comes from the world of online shopping, where brands use their knowledge of you, your needs and desires to serve up more content that they think will be Read more

This piece is inspired by this year’s pay review time – a time for new beginnings and decisions to be made relating to pay, performance and the Reward package for the subsequent year. It’s also, particularly from a communication perspective, a chance to reflect on who an organisation’s people really are, what they need and the role Reward plays in effectively engaging them. So, I thought that it’s a good moment to pull together some insights and thoughts from the experiences I’ve had whilst working alongside some of the world’s leading Reward exponents and our clients – reflecting on how critical a dynamic communication strategy is when Reward is changing Read more

Running man with purpose

“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How” — Friedrich Nietzsche, “Maxims and Arrows” Twilight of the Idols We must all know, the world is full of what has now become a constant: change. There are many academic studies denoting the effects on human behaviour from operational stress and organisational transformation.  This, having significant impact on productivity and performance, also causes a detrimental impression on personal wellbeing. But this is nothing new, as the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus commented over 2,000 years ago “You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you” – all very profound, but Read more

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