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Future of HR Communication Whitepaper

We’re proud to announce our first whitepaper, The Future of HR Communication, is now available to download for free. Based on five future-facing HR communication trends that are taking centre stage, we roundup the topics that will matter to HR leaders and communication experts in the years ahead. From contextual personalisation to augmented reality, learn about the trends and insights; and how they can be applied in the HR world. A practical guide that provides an overview of engagement opportunities that pushes new boundaries to capture and retain the best talent in the marketplace.   To access the whitepaper now, please click here.

Back view of jumping girl on the pier. Freedom concept

Wellbeing as an offering is often overlooked. Historically, seen less favourably as a tool to embed change, it’s now gaining traction in the HR community. The result has been widespread editorial coverage and jaw-dropping stats on reasons to believe its importance in the workplace: 49 per cent of stressed employees take sick leave in comparison to 36 per cent of relaxed staff1 Workplace stress costs the UK economy £6.5bn per year2 81 per cent of employers say increasing employee engagement is one of their key challenges3 Sleep deprivation costs the UK £40bn and 200,000 lost working days4 It’s clear a wellbeing programme is critical for employers, but having an on-going Read more

Blog post Weird Employee Engagement Tactics

The weird and wonderful world of employee engagement can be – well, just that. Forget your usual wellness programmes and pension schemes. Some businesses are going one step further in the hope of reaching engagement utopia. Here’s our rundown of the amusing (and not so amusing) staff engagement tactics we’ve come across.   1. Anyone for a coffin break? No, we thought not. In South Korea, some businesses are making employees take part in their own pretend funerals at work to tackle the engagement agenda. Inspired by the fact that the country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, the purpose is to encourage employees to appreciate Read more

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