Elizabeth Spencer Phillips Employee Benefits Live 2016

My team is fantastic. There, I’ve said it again and I really mean it. Their response to lock-down and home working has been brilliant, I couldn’t be more proud. On the upside Productivity has been maintained (I’ll be honest, I doubted it would), morale is good supported by daily morning huddles via Teams or Zoom and Friday drinks and our cloud set-up has served us well. We’ve seen into everyone’s homes, with screen-bombing cats and kids. Our hair all looks awful, which is somehow bonding. No-one’s scared of video calls. We’ve seen more of our family and less commuting. Some of our team could quite happily never come back to Read more

Communication in business world

Is your company communicating the impact of Covid-19 to everyone in the business? Are they instilling the plans implemented to overcome the unprecedented shock to the commercial system? I suspect so, and certainly hope so. So, what is the role of HR in this? Based on my experience of the consequences of 3 significant recessions and costs of a number of catastrophic global events, communication from the people responsible for people isn’t important, it’s critical. As ResearchGate commented: “The first reaction of any employee who learned about the crisis in the company will be the idea of what will happen to him or her personally………. personnel will become the company’s Read more

Agile, working, communication

At the end of last month Neovation staged their first event ‘Accelerating Agile’ – an innovative, insight-filled experience – which headlined not only the purpose, meaning and effects of Agile but the importance of the impact it will have on shaping the future workplace. Presentations from PWC, Workhuman, Unilever, Caburn Hope and Citigroup among others, passionately explained the technical, economic and operational implications of the move to agile ways of working on the business world over the next few years. From our perspective, it was interesting that feedback from the audience recognised what we have already seen in our work, that the two overriding adjectives that described Agile are ‘Culture’ Read more

Caburn Hope
Rusbridge House, Rusbridge Lane Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2XX, UK

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