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Exciting new tech is promising to transform the ways we all live and work. Much attention is focused on the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and automation, and advanced analytics and machine learning. The emergence of these technologies is forcing governments around the world to plan for the dramatic upheavals they will effect on society and in the world of work. The UK government has made the point that these changes mean there can be no “business as usual”.  It has recommended that employers and employees focus on developing the key skills and attributes that will be at a premium in future.  These include resilience, adaptability, resourcefulness, enterprise, cognitive Read more

What is employee experience?

Last month I was a Judge at the Employee Experience Awards. This got me thinking, what really is employee experience and why does it matter? Defining employee experience Predictably, organisations with a highly engaged workforce are more profitable than those with low employee engagement. Employee experience has shown to be a vital part of any business strategy designed to drive productivity and performance. The data driven revolution has enabled businesses to understand their people – who they are, where they are, what they want and where they want to go. With digital advancements, companies can now provide content that’s relevant, informative, exciting and delivered through innovative channels in a way Read more

We all know that organisations are having to be more agile, innovative and productive than ever before to compete in a business landscape where the only constant is change. One solution offered to boost productivity and competitive advantage is employee engagement. In 2017, Gallup reported organisations with engaged employees outperform those with poor employee engagement by as much as 17 percent in terms of productivity and 21 percent in terms of profitability. Of course, the notion of employee engagement has been with us for some time – William Kahn coined the term in his influential 1990 study. However, in the current productivity-focused environment, the term is finding more and more Read more

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