Business Growth

Long-term success for your business requires growth and the optimal way to achieve growth is through detailed planning and investment in activities that will help you reach new audiences and markets.

So formulating a solid growth plan is essential to assist in allocating budget and resources where they’re most needed.

Failing to invest and the downward spiral

Your business may have suffered due to a lack of time or staffing, or even confidence; these factors will certainly hamper plans to market and grow the business. But failing to market your brand will also inevitably lead to further stagnation and a downward spiral.

Investing in marketing activity is absolutely essential and yet in our experience, a lot of businesses underestimate and under budget for the type of activity required to actually achieve growth.

Research has shown that if your business is in simple functioning mode, the average marketing budget allocation should be 4% of your annual turnover and for an ambitious start-up, or an established leading brand in acceleration mode, this figure goes up to 5-10%.*

Smart marketing is integrated marketing

Growth marketing with the proper budget and a creative marketing agency focusing it’s talents, tools and techniques on what matters most to your business, will help you achieve the results your business needs. A smart marketing plan should utilise a range of integrated marketing expertise including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Ultimately the main reason for marketing is to increase sales. So whatever marketing activity your integrated marketing agency focuses on, it should be driving your bottom line results.

Fresh ideas grow your brand

Exciting things happen when you open up to fresh ideas and in a competitive market place it pays to use a creative marketing agency to help you take an honest look at your market and your position within it.

Marketing is about helping brands to stand out from the crowd in order to differentiate the business, whether it’s products, the way a business talks about itself or the way it communicates its brand in the marketplace.

A track record speaks volumes

To build a really great brand, and your bottom line, the experience, skill and insight needed isn’t always found in-house. However strong your comms team are it’s rare that they will be able to see outside of your brand. Getting a fresh perspective on your brand from highly experienced and knowledgeable marketers can be your blue print for success and growth.

A solid digital marketing agency with a great track record will do all the work they are expertly placed to do, freeing you and your team to focus on other aspects of your business knowing that you have on board a creative marketing agency that will provide business expertise and marketing services that precisely fits your needs and budget, whilst securing your return on investment.

So ask yourself if your marketing strategy is resulting in targeted, creative communication that’s feeding growth? If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘not sure’, then look for a marketing agency with a solid track record in blending bright ideas with clever tactics to plan, create and deliver inspiring campaigns that will help bring exceptional return on investment.

How’s that growth plan going?

Our recognised strength at Caburn Hope is to develop fresh ideas that grow businesses. And we’ve been driving results through creativity for, for clients of all sizes, across diverse industries. We’re a team of experienced and smart thinking marketing consultants, project managers and creatives, eager to discuss the challenges for growing your business.

Email or call Caburn Hope on 01273 480404 to speak to us about sustainable business growth and growth marketing that drives results.

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*Source: International Data Corporation 2012 CMO Marketing Barometer Study.

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