Bringing your company values to life

Over two-thirds of UK workers would leave a job if the company did not align with their values. 

Company values matter. They have the power to attract and retain talent, shape workplace culture, and drive performance and growth. But to make this happen, those values need to be brought to life for employees. Here’s how...

1.  Be clear on what your values look like in practice and what they mean to employees. Identify and link specific behaviours to each core value. 

2.  Regularly and consistently weave your company values into your communications. This can be in both headlines and body copy. 

3.  Integrate your values across the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to exit interviews and alumni comms. For example, when recruiting, ask yourself: 

  • Are the values highlighted in our recruitment posts?
  • Do our candidate descriptions include a values-led attitudinal component?
  • Do our images showcase our values?

4.  Create relevant campaigns around your values to engage employees and drive awareness. 

5.  Role model your values. For your values to be seen as authentic, they must be lived, modelled and actively communicated by senior leadership. 

6.  Encourage colleagues to share their stories. Ask them how they live the values or what the values mean to them personally.

7.  Recognise and reward employees that show value-aligned behaviours. This can be done as part of performance reviews or integrated into your employee awards.

8.  Measure success. Stay attuned to how employees perceive the values. Are the values seen to reflect company culture and priorities? Do the values still inspire and engage employees? 


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