This is The Employee Comms Podcast: a podcast about all the things that matter at work and the best ways to communicate them. Every episode, we chat to industry leaders about key workplace issues, why they matter and how to communicate them effectively and authentically to people at every level of your organisation.

Exploring creativity

Caroline Russell, Account Director and Creative Lead at Caburn Hope with special guest Director and Designer, Pieter van Loon. We're talking about the importance of injecting creativity into your internal communications:  

  • What creativity means in the context of communication and engagement
  • Why it matters
  • And how to ensure it receives proper attention, usage and buy-in from all employees
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Are you really listening?

Chris Andrew is our host for this episode, with our special guests experts: Alessandra De Santis, Account Director at Caburn Hope, Alison Stokes, Communications Director and Susan Aljibouri, Senior Manager, Internal Communications at Equinix

We’re talking about an issue that is relevant for organisations across every sector and how building a positive workplace culture starts with listening.

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Talent & EVP

Chris Andrew is our host for this episode, with our special guest expert: Candace Pulford, VP of Global Talent at AVEVA at the FTSE 100 tech company AVEVA.

The great resignation is here and the importance of a strong EVP has never been so key. There is a war on Talent in which the candidates are leading the market and we are in the perfect storm. So what are the solutions? 

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The hybrid workspace

Elizabeth Spencer-Phillips and Katie Bannon are our hosts, with our special guest expert: Alicia McCollum. Alicia is Global Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Manager at the FTSE 100 tech company AVEVA.

We will be discussing where the flexible working trend is headed, and what businesses are currently doing about it. Listen up as we share an action plan to make sure you are communicating effectively. And how you can reenergise Gen Z and make sure you are meeting this generation's digital expectations.

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Financial wellbeing

Strategy Director, Chris Andrew, is our host for this episode alongside our special guest Eileen Ng. Eileen is Regional Reward Manager for the APAC region at eBay.

We're talking about the importance of financial wellbeing in the workplace and how to ensure it receives proper attention, usage and buy in from all employees in the context of communication and engagement. What are the next big challenges in the future of financial wellbeing communication? And what should organisations be focusing on for this year?

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The Menopause. Hidden worlds

Half the working population will experience it, but it remains a workplace taboo. How do we create a safe and open dialogue about the menopause – and why is it critical to do so? 

Founding Director and MD Elizabeth Spencer-Phillips is talking about why the menopause affects all of us: all genders, all ages. Why it needs to be addressed now. And the clear communication and decisive actions that need to be taken to ensure organisations retain the experience and diversity they need.  

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Wellbeing - When demands collide

Chris Andrew, Strategy Director and Evan Davidge, founder of The Wellbeing Leader talking about an issue that has become even more critically important in the wake of the pandemic.

How do businesses best support the wellbeing and productivity of employees, when employees are both working, and dealing with other big life challenges? And how do businesses communicate meaningful support to employees, whilst also communicating their ongoing business needs? 

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