We’ve had countless experts discussing and debating crucial trends and insights across a multitude of industries. If you have missed out on any of our webinars, and want to be inspired then this is the place to be.

The Changing role of HR

In this webinar with special guest Dr. Christian Schmeichel of SAP you'll understand these key questions and more...

  • What should be on your Future of Work agenda?
  • What will the world of work really look like in the future?
  • What role does communication play in ensuring that people embrace the disruption of a transforming world?
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Conquering the 3 biggest risks facing internal comms

In this webinar with special guest Matthew Boyd of Unily you'll learn about these three biggest risks facing Internal Comms...

  • Communications overload
  • Unclear ownership of employee engagement
  • Failure to keep pace with evolving technology
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Are you listening?

In this webinar with special guests Alison Stokes and Susan Aljibouri of Equinix you'll learn...

  • How organisations boost engagement
  • The critical role played by one under-used, but universally accessible tool, active listening
  • Three key and impactful ways to become a better listener
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Communicating to your people

In this webinar with special guest Alicia McCollam of AVEVA you’ll learn…

  • 3 key communication tools you can adopt to support your people
  • How leaders and managers should be communicating in a hybrid workplace
  • What peer to peer communications activity should be happening
  • New digital behaviours to watch out for, along with generational shifts
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Driving an inclusive culture at Pfizer

In this webinar with special guests Dagmar Albers and Peter Collins of Pfizer you’ll learn…

  • The benefits of having an equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace culture
  • The importance of closing the gender pay gap
  • Colleague Resource Groups and their role in driving meaningful change
  • How to ensure that all colleagues feel accountable for workplace change and culture
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Communicating your EVP effectively to attract and retain talent

In this webinar with special guest Candace Pulford of AVEVA you’ll learn…

  • The workforce trends that organisations need to be aware of
  • The critical role of communication in building and sustaining the connection between your people and your business
  • How to create the best possible EVP – and how to use your EVP to maximum advantage
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Technology & Communication

In this webinar with special guest Keith Williams from Unilever you'll learn...

  • How Unilever have taken the success of chatbots as an effective communication channel and applied it to other aspects of communication in general
  • The part technology will play on employee engagement in the future
  • How personalisation can drive employee productivity from one of the UK’s leading HR Communications agency
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Reward Communication

In this webinar with special guest Constantina Tribou of Unilever you'll learn...

  • About ‘Reward Value Proposition’ and its role as a tool to drive the EVP
  • How a purpose-led organisation such as Unilever is using Reward to enable change
  • Examples of how you can ensure your people understand your Reward programmes, from one of the UK’s leading HR Communications agencies
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