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Anyone with just a passing knowledge of marketing will know that effective branding is a vital part of attracting and retaining customers. Translate that to HR, and a strong employer brand is critical if you want to find and keep talent.  Here are our 10 reasons why employer branding is business critical, which includes some eye-opening stats.


Below we take a more detailed look at why employer branding is so important to both job seekers and companies.

Candidates care about employer branding

Your employer brand is what people – both current and prospective employees – think about your company, including what the business stands for and what it’s like to be a part of the organisation. It’s what differentiates you as an employer from the countless other employers that candidates could choose from.

So it’s no wonder that three-quarters of candidates consider an employer’s brand before they even apply for a job1, and more than two-thirds of job seekers say they’re more likely to apply when a company actively manages its employer brand2. Much is written about finding employees that ‘fit’ with the company’s values. But now more than ever, that ‘fit’ is just as important to candidates seeking the right home for their talents.

Employer branding delivers real benefits to organisations

For companies, employer branding is more than the look and feel of an identity. It’s more than a catchy slogan or list of values. A strong, properly communicated employer brand is the gateway to improved performance.

A robust employer brand leads to 50% more qualified applicants3, and a reduction in cost per hire of 43%4. And, having attracted the best people, employer branding helps drive performance by inspiring participation and loyalty among employees.

It’s clear then that companies must craft and communicate their employer brand effectively if they want to appeal to the best candidates and drive performance across the business. Discover how Caburn Hope can work with you to boost your employer brand and create an inspiring communication strategy that connects you with the right talent.

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