Employee engagement through apps

Apps aren’t big news in the marketing world but they are making waves in the HR communication industry. Whether it’s to support your staff engagement plan, or indeed to incorporate gamification into your Reward strategy, it has a ream of uses.

By implementing social technology, employers can raise productivity levels by 20 to 25 percent alone1. The following trends reveal why this platform is app-solutely fabulous in more ways than one.

1. Your employees are online

An impressive 87.9 percent of UK adults – that’s 45.9 million – in the last three months went online, compared to 86.2 percent in 20152

2. Workplace processes reduce efficiency and performance considerably

An employee spends roughly 28 percent of the working week managing email and almost 20 percent looking for internal information or searching for colleagues who can assist with specific tasks3. So, why not relieve your people from such arduous tasks and add this functionality into your app strategy?

3. The UK workforce is smartphone ready

It’s estimated that 75 percent of UK adults now own a smartphone, with 53 percent of those same smartphone users checking their phones within five minutes of waking each morning4

4. Applying gamification drives up employee engagement

Using elements of gamification can help drive-up employee engagement levels by 50 percent, reduce on-boarding by 91 percent and increase involvement with training by up to 145 percent5

5. UK adults are frequently going online outside of the home

Digital accessibility isn’t confined to the walls of the home and office – nor is this attitude reserved for younger generations. An increasing number of 65-74 years are going online in any location, rising from 56 percent in 2014 to 70 percent in 20156

Are you looking to incorporate an app into your employee engagement mix? Remember these three simple rules to ensure it’s the right platform for your HR needs:

  •  Research your employee profiles before drawing up your strategy
  •  Segment your data into employee personas
  •  Review your HR objectives against employee needs and attitudes

For more information on how apps could generate wholehearted participation with your employee programmes, click here.

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