Webinar: Internal Communication

You listening to me? How building a positive workplace culture through communication starts with listening

With special guests Alison Stokes, Director of Communications, and Susan Aljibouri, Snr Manager, Internal Communications, at Equinix - a company driving global interconnection

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Wednesday 9th March - 2pm GMT

We’re all competing to get ourselves heard in an age of information overload. The modern workplace is no different. Yet those who shout the loudest are often listening the least. How do IC and Employee Experience professionals make sure that employees voices are listened to? 

Cut through the noise with our special guests from Equinix. The Silicon Valley company that has connected the likes of Netflix to you and me. Get their insight and expertise on:

  • Listening to amplify the voice in your organisation
  • The importance of showing employees where and how their feedback has had an influence
  • How to run an effective communication review internally
  • Using the results to drive positive change and create a thriving workplace

Tune in to get our tops tips, and you’ll also get a chance to ask questions of our expert panel. 

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