Three social media platforms to apply to HR communications now

Social media is more often than not, touted as the B2C platform player. The darling of consumer engagement. The global game changer that’s produced some of the most renowned success stories of the 21st century. But say it in the same breath as HR communications (other than talent attraction) and the conversation falls flat. Why, when so many people use it in their daily lives, should we not embrace it for communicating messages internally? After all, consumers are also your employees.

With nearly 1.96 billion social network users worldwide in 2015, it accounts 27.1% of the total global population (eMarketer). Roughly 61.6% of this global social media audience will use Facebook frequently and 13.5% will log-on to Twitter (eMarketer). Figures – in short – that shouldn’t be sniffed at.

Instead of providing a typical post of ‘innovative ways’ to use LinkedIn, Twitter and every other platform that’s been done to death, we thought we’d share insights surrounding a few lesser-known players that are making waves in the HR comms world:

Enterprise social networks (ESN) – it’s ‘Facebook’ but not as we know it

Enterprise social networks (ESN) have emerged with much fanfare over the last few years. A poll by Telligent reveals 74% of employees say using ESN would improve their job performance. However, the same survey also reveals 79% of corporations do not provide social tools internally.

In order for teams to work coherently and cohesively – wherever they are in the world – make sure there is a platform in place for people to share insights, collaborate with and facilitate greater engagement. ESN platforms such as Jostle and Yammer are a great place to start; and many offer a variety of packages to suit company needs and demands. By amplifying the real-time atmosphere of a company’s culture you will facilitate greater connectivity across locations thus reducing a silo mentality.

Mhub – the ‘YouTube like’ network

Getting a message across that is complicated and somewhat dry can be a challenge. One way to tackle this situation is utilising video as a communication tool. Ofcom revealed online video consumption almost doubled – from 21% to 39% – in the last eight years alone, indicating an insatiable appetite.

If you fancy creating professional videos, audio clips and presentations in minutes, then you might be interested in Mhub. This on-demand communications platform allows you to develop and display video, as well as collate data to inform project performance. Content can be shared through email, direct to an app, embedded into a presentation or placed on a website. Now, there’s really no need to send another boring email announcement again.

Airbo – the ‘Pinterest platform for HR comms’

Like the look of Pinterest but struggle to find ways to use it internally? Let me introduce Airbo. This employee engagement platform is similar to Pinterest, but allows you to turn static content into an interactive journey. Instead of boards, you can create ‘tiles’ that are delivered via email. When there is an update or something you want to share with your employees, it sends an email with a tile and when the person clicks it, they’re directed to the platform. With its game-like functionality, it can aggregate and retrieve user-specific data, reviving and informing even the most challenging HR comms project. Considering that social-loving millennials make up a huge proportion of the UK population at nearly 23%, it’s a tool worth trialling.

If you are considering social engagement for your HR communications strategy then talk to an expert who understands how it should be incorporated and introduced company-wide. Here at Caburn Hope, we have extensive experience in working with some of the world’s most prominent companies and brands. For more than 20 years, we have helped empower HR communications for Coca-Cola Enterprises, Unilever, Barclays, McGraw Hill Financial, Boots International, IHG, Arup, Anglo American and the Sage Group to name but a few. Speak to us now on +44(0)1273 480404 or email

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