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It’s a data-driven, omni-channel world out there. Capturing the attention of a consumer group or influencing employee behaviour to improve performance is a challenge in itself. We have a multitude of touchpoints that play a significant part in our lives. It’s often over-whelming knowing how much big data is out there; and even more challenging digesting and dissecting it for marketing or HR purposes.

Since we all love a good stat at Caburn Hope – from employee communications to integrated marketing – we thought we’d sift through the relevant and not so relevant information just for you. So, without further ado here’s our monthly fast-facts roundup us communicators and marketers can’t get enough of:

Social network users to represent more than 53% of the UK population by the end of 2015

It comes as no surprise that social media continues to dominate the online landscape. But what is particularly prominent is how that market is shaping. eMarketer reports that Facebook is the number one platform of choice within the UK, with a staggering 90.5% of users logging on to the platform every month, while Twitter has a modest 37.5% of social users in 2015. Both platforms are increasingly accessed via mobile with roughly 82% of Facebook users and 90% of Twitter users by the end of the year.

Millennials make up a significant proportion of the UK population at nearly 23%

Although there is no specific date range for this demographic group, it’s largely considered to be anyone born within 1980s to 2000s. Notably, the generation under the greatest financial burden – from burgeoning University debt to high unemployment – this segment has bared the brunt of the global recession during what would have been their ‘coming of age’ years. This may forewarn marketers and communication specialists as a ‘perilous’ group, but don’t underestimate this savvy bunch. Millennials remain the most connected and digitally sophisticated consumer group amongst us all.

Retail e-commerce sales in the UK are estimated to reach £60 billion in 2015

Digital is often in the press for making waves – be it the ‘platform preference of choice’ or innovation instigator – but offline still remains the revenue breaker. A massive 85.6% of total retail sales will be carried out in-store in 2015, proving that traditional channels are here to stay. Consumers still want to touch, feel – and in some cases try – a purchase before buying. However, don’t think the bang for your buck ends there. Online still plays a pivotal part in the path to purchase. Deloitte reports that digital platforms influence one-third of in-store retail sales in the UK.

UK consumption of major media to rise by 25 minutes this year

The lines are increasingly being blurred across platforms when it comes to consumption of mass media. UK consumers are accessing traditional content from non-traditional channels and vice versa; from streaming TV on tablets, surfing the web on TV and listening to the radio off their laptop. Despite reports of the decline in newspapers and traditional media outlets, the real-world view is still out for debate. Digital channels still play a significant role, but rather replacing traditional mediums, it’s adding another layer to the consumer’s daily media consumption.

In 2015, time spent on non-voice activities on mobile will overtake time spent on desktops and laptops

In the age of digital, mobile is here to stay. It goes beyond the realms of communicating and into the darkest depths of consumption. With the advent of 4G, the average UK adult will increase its total daily mobile use to 2 hours and 26 minutes in 2015 – that’s up by 27 minutes from 2014. But the revelation doesn’t stop there. Compare this to the total daily amount from 2011 and it’s increased four times over! Improved broadband connection speed and increased wifi hotspots denotes it’s never been an easier time to browse the net on your phone. Thus as a consequence, the total time spent on non-voice activities on mobile is rising quickly – and for the first time ever – it will overtake desktop and laptop use by 13 minutes.

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