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We’re back with our monthly round-up of statistics that are shaping the world of employee engagement and marketing. January 2016 hasn’t disappointed in terms of the trends that are making headlines. We reveal:

54% of UK CEOs and 41% of Global CEOs say workplace culture and behaviours are a key focus for 2016

PWC’s annual global CEO survey reports talent retention will be a priority over acquisition. Companies that focus on improving their talent pipeline, pay, incentives, workplace culture and behaviours, will consequently have a greater impact on talent attraction. On a side note, global mobility is not a main concern for 2016; with only 5% of UK CEOs concentrating on this area, in comparison to 7% of CEOs globally (PWC, 19th annual global CEO survey).

Online usage overtakes TV amongst younger generations

The annual Childwise survey reveals a “landmark change” in terms of media consumption amongst 7 to 16 year-olds. Reportedly, three hours are now spent online each day; with 15-16 years spending a staggering 4.8 hours online per day (Childwise, Monitor Report). Consequently, TV watching is down from three hours in 2000 to 2.1 hours each day (Childwise, Monitor Report). A first in the history of media consumption within this age group!

80% of employees believe winter has a negative effect on their productivity levels and mood

This may not come as a surprise to some, but new evidence unveils a strong correlation between seasonality, employee engagement and productivity levels (Employee Benefits, 27% feel appreciated through workplace reward and recognition). If it’s true, then this could be easily resolved by creating a harmonious and attractive working environment for your workforce.

WhatsApp reaches a billion monthly users

Favoured by Millennials and Gen-Xers alike, Facebook-owned app Whatapps, has cemented itself as the market leader in mobile messaging. The company reports a whopping 42 billion messages and 250 million videos are sent over WhatsApp daily (BBC News, WhatsApp reaches a billion monthly users).

93% of employees say employee engagement is strategically important to their organisation

Furthermore, roughly 65% of 250 Western European HR decision makers, say engagement positively impacts collaboration between teams; while 61% believe engagement boosts business performance and 60% say it improves customer service (Employee Benefits, 54% believe good work-life balance boosts staff engagement).

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