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You’ve worked hard designing and developing your product. Your website is glitch free and shiny and it feels like it’s time to put your feet up. But the reality is that this is in fact the start of the hard work, because now you have to get other people interested and that takes Startup Marketing.

Without marketing, no one will see what you’ve created – so where does your startup marketing start?

Select a market

However amazing your business is, it is unlikely that the whole world will like what you do. Startup marketing needs to focus on a niche target market. Choosing a target market is not without peril; get it wrong and you waste valuable time and resource.

For a rock solid start at fast track marketing consider the following:

Market Characteristics – define who and where your market is.  Is your market based in one county, region or town? How old are they? What is their gender? Ask yourself as many questions as possible.

Market Size – How big is this market? Get as accurate as you can.

Competitors – You think you know who your competition is, but don’t assume. Spend time assessing exactly who is out there doing what you do. Look at how they are marketing themselves and how it could be done better.

Don’t worry about USP focus on your VP – Unique Selling Point can be a red herring. Rarely are businesses as unique as they think they are. Focus instead on your Value Proposition (VP). Your value proposition is a clear statement of the results a customer gets from your product or service. Your VP needs to be strong enough amongst the competition to turn heads and get potential customers to really pay attention to you.

“The most important time to market your business is all the time.” Joseph Stark Jr

Key terms

Now that you have a solid idea of the marketplace you are competing in, get to grips with the key terms that essentially describe your brand and business. Write a list and narrow down these keywords to a maximum of five.  You can then utilise these keywords in a number of different places: SEO, Social Media, Blogging – this is how you will generate traffic and conversions.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is synonymous with startup marketing and should definitely be explored as a possible strategy for developing brand awareness.  As a growth hacker you will focus on growth as your key metric for success and follow in the footsteps of other successful businesses that utilised growth hacking such as Facebook and Hotmail. Read more about growth hacking on our blog here.


Don’t be a slave to growth and lose sight of your ROI. Ultimately much of what you do comes down to money – so set a budget for your initial startup marketing activity and plan how carefully how you intend to spend that budget. Most importantly stick to that budget until you see evidence that your ROI is going the right way!

There are many more fast track marketing tips and we’ll return to these very soon.

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