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The Story So Far...

Since 2017, we have been working as an extension of the UK Colleague and Community Engagement team at Pfizer on all their internal communication campaigns and initiatives.

As part of their drive to embed their purpose – Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives – Pfizer has been working hard to foster a strong growth mindset across the organisation, which embraces agility, flexibility and collaboration. Pfizer as a place to work is also aiming to be as diverse as the patients and communities they serve. This has required a shift in mindset for many employees and communication has played a big part in encouraging people to think differently about how they approach their work, who they turn too for advice and their general behaviour. 

Breaking down the bias

One area they were keen to focus on was unconscious bias. A series of training workshops were setup to help employees to identify and become aware of their unconscious biases. This required a supporting campaign to ensure those people who were unconscious of their unconscious biases(!) realised this was something they really needed to get involved with.

We designed and developed a creative campaign – #ThinkAgain – that used typical examples of bias in the workplace that would resonate with employees. The campaign was rolled out across internal social media and office branding, with supporting video content to raise awareness and inspire people to get involved.

Building upon the momentum and buzz created around the initial campaign, we spent time with every Colleague Resource Group across Pfizer UK to understand their plans and challenges. What resulted was a joined-up communication strategy and plan, which brought them together into a powerful group of passionate activists. The resulting campaign evolved to #ThinkAgain. ActNow with the aim of creating an environment where every colleague at Pfizer feels accountable for ensuring a truly inclusive workplace.

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Closing the gap

Connected to the above campaign, Pfizer has created a team of people dedicated to closing their gender pay gap. Their approach has been to focus on five key areas, including their approach to career progression, flexible working, support for returners from long term absence and creating an environment that supports employees at every stage of the family life-cycle from childbirth to adult years, recognising the modern family comes in many different forms.

To engage colleagues with the programme and to get them involved, we worked with the team to create a dedicated campaign which helped to explain the various elements in more detail and what they meant for colleagues. This involved a range of media, including video, internal social media and a dedicated microsite – in addition we developed a crowdsourced cookbook filled with recipes contributed by colleagues that connected to each of the main themes of the campaign.


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