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The Story So Far...

We started working with Unilever’s Reward team in 2013, with a brief to deliver a global reward communication strategy for Unilever’s brand-new global employee share plan. Since then we’ve worked in close partnership with their teams to change the face of their Reward and Recognition. We bring their internal brand to life in a way that appeals to and motivates their 155,000 employees. The award-winning campaigns we create, deliver consistent results that prove the value of our methodology and approach.

Our first challenge was the many identities that were being adopted across Unilever.

We created one vibrant communication framework, to bring to life Reward and what it means to people. To roll out the new brand identity, we developed a communication toolkit including brand guidelines, tone of voice and top tips for communicating to employees – all made easy to use with a series of templates.

The identity was launched at a company event, where the toolkit was presented to the Global Reward team. 

This was the start of a longstanding and ever-growing relationship between us and one of the world’s leading FMCG companies, Unilever. 

To bring out the best from an employee communications agency it is important to understand the fundamentals of a client’s business. Unilever have gone above and beyond to trust us in getting under the skin of their company. Inviting us to important meetings and events where we can learn and really push the purpose of each project, we deliver for them. We love this attitude! They know we are on their team – there to create something special and do much more than a churn-and-burn option. 

Feature Project

Global Employee Share Plan

The challenge

To deliver a global reward communication strategy for Unilever’s brand-new global employee share plan, ‘SHARES’, Unilever were looking for an inspiring, effective and streamlined method of communicating the shares plan to more than 125,000 employees across 104 countries and more than 50 languages, all within a tight time frame.

Our Solutions

  • Communication Toolkit - We developed a step-by-step guide for country teams to follow, including a menu of campaign materials and key information
  • Campaign calendar - We created a calendar for all HR and Communication teams to follow leading up to and during the SHARES enrolment window
  • Campaign website - We designed, developed and built the campaign website, their new go-to hub for all SHARES information. It’s mobile-optimised and works in dozens of languages.
  • A video of CEO - We managed and filmed a video from their CEO, talking about how the plan linked to Unilever’s overall business strategy and objectives.
  • Animated SHARES and SHARES Tax videos - We produced a video to explain in a visual and appealing way how SHARES works and how to enrol

Now a double GEO award-winning campaign, beating world-class brands to the post for the highly prestigious ‘Best Plan Communication’ and ‘Best Use of a Share Plan in an Emerging Market’. We have since updated the SHARES branding once more and created a new strategy to ensure the scheme and the way it is communicated continues to evolve with the needs of Unilever’s people. 

Unilever Shares poster - Young lady with blue hard hat on
Caburn Hope took the time to create emotion behind the campaign and to get buy-in from our employees across the world.
Louise Sutton - Global Reward Manager


Chris and Louise speaking at E-Reward annual conference

E-reward Annual Conference

Partnering with Unilever to speak at the E-reward Annual Conference

Open Salary review poster on ipad for Unilever

Open Salary Reviews

We provide recommendations and communications for open salary reviews

Unilever logo HR in white writing orange background

HRIS Roll-Out

Supported the launch of Workday to their employees in a way they really understood and valued what it meant for them as individuals



Mass data upload image on computer screen on a desk

Technological Change

Caburn Hope supported a pilot project from focus group research to video production and intranet campaign

Neovation Chris Anderw presenting

Adopting Agile

We partnered with Unilever creating Neovation, which represents a movement of people focused on the future of work

Unilever branding with igniting our future written in white green and gold background

Reward Structure

Caburn Hope changed their reward framework look and feel

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