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When a contact of ours from a longstanding relationship with O2 needed some communication support in her new role at Sage, we were only too happy to find out more.

Sage had gone through a cultural shift at the time over a 12-month period to a more performance-based culture. As a result, commitment within the Leadership team was paramount to drive success across the business and achieve sustainable long-term growth.

We reviewed the internal channels at Sage which revealed employees were inundated with communication. Coupled with executives being time-poor in a fast paced, performance-driven environment, our specialists needed to streamline communications and empower executives to achieve their potential. This led to a key Reward project focused on raising awareness and value of Executives’ unique (and sometimes complex) short and long-term incentive plans. 

A bespoke website was created and based on this success we went on to upgrade how Sage communicated reward in general. We created a communications strategy, a consistent look and feel for Reward and launched a bespoke modeller – an immensely complex build, the first of its kind – and something we still haven’t seen anywhere else to date.

Feature Project

Total Reward App

We developed an interactive, immersive Total Reward App for multiple platforms that provides push notifications to communicate changes to senior executives. Tailored to each user, the app features two bespoke modellers to benchmark shares and bonus targets and featured tips on how to achieve and exceed their targets and potential reward. 

With a personalised view modelling many scenarios based on how they perform in meeting their objectives, the Total Reward App helps to boost performance in-line with long-term goals.


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Just had someone come up to my desk and shake my hand to say how impressed they are with Sage Rewards – wanted you to know that. Great work!
Lloyd Taylor
Director – Group Reward


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Supporting Communications

We create supporting Reward communications including, Q&As

Sage modeller on computer screen

Modeller Improvements

We continue to manage, update, and improve this unique modeller app

Sage modeller launch email

Relaunch of Modeller

Refreshed and modernised Sage Rewards with a ‘Take Control’ Campaign

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