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1. Brand integrity: Is your brand strategy consistent across all your platforms? Do your clients and prospective customers see the image of your business that your marketing message projects? It’s vital that you deliver your brand promise – whether it’s online or offline!

2.  Targets: Are you talking to the right targets? Who are they, where are they? Your growth marketing should be customer-led, so get to know their needs, desires, dreams and ambitions better than anyone.

3. The Plan: Have you formulated a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals and objectives? Look at the business problem first not the technology – each touch point has a role to play. Are you working to this plan or have you veered off course?

4. Integration:
Are you using integrated marketing expertise including: Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Advertising, Branding, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, signage, direct mail? Consider on and offline activity and don’t overuse the cheapest/easiest medium. For each channel, develop the creative for the idea to match your customers.

5. Website: Does your website need a makeover? How fresh is the web design and content? What about user experience (UX)? First impressions do count and site visits mean nothing if none of your visitors convert to leads!

6. Networking: Are you surrounding yourself with smart people and sharing ideas?  You can learn a lot by networking and sharing business growth strategies.

7. Clever tactics: Have you considered carefully the new customers you want to attract and what will make them notice you? You want new customers, so try new tactics!

8. Measure, Review and Refine: Are you analysing your digital marketing efforts and customer experience across all touch points with the most relevant KPI’s for your business? Big companies track everything but, often, smaller businesses can neglect this vital step. Activities that produce results should be increased, and those that don’t perform should be refined or eliminated. Simple, when you have the experience of what drives results!

Caburn Hope develops fresh ideas that grow businesses. We’re a team of experienced and smart thinking marketing consultants, project managers and creatives, eager to discuss the challenges for growing your business.

We can help you achieve the growth you want, faster…

Email or call Caburn Hope on 01273 480404 to speak to us about sustainable business growth and tailored growth marketing that will drive results for your business.

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