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Everybody loves a good stat. Whether it’s to support a business case, learn new trends or build upon your knowledge economy.

Few facts go unnoticed in our world, so every month we highlight the key insights you should know about. Without further ado, we reveal:

24% of employers are giving new recruits access to an online/virtual on-boarding platform before they start work1

The Top Employers Institute highlights business leaders are also playing a pivotal role in on-boarding employees. With senior management making a concerted effort to embed the right values by being involved.

IAB reports UK digital adspend grew 16.4% in 2015 to more than £8.6bn2

This has been the biggest growth in the industry for seven years; proving that online advertising is fast becoming the go-to digital marketing channel for brand awareness.

41% of employees demand the right to work from home3

Meanwhile, 62% of bosses wouldn’t let their people work from home, as reported in Beyond Digital by Infomentum. Thus indicating a ‘disconnect’ between the employer and employee.

86% of UK households now have internet access4

An impressive jump in comparison to a modest 55% in 2005, The Office for National Statistics reveals.

42% of employees say pay related discussions are the most difficult to discuss5

With a staggering 35% saying they would rather talk to a colleague than discuss it with their line manager. Research conducted by Lupton Fawcett Denison Till, indicates a significant threat to businesses that don’t have an open door policy that’s truly supportive.

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