Fast facts: employee communications and marketing statistics that are shaping our world (Sept '15)

Once again we return with our favourite round-up of employee communications and marketing statistics that are shaping our world. This month we lift the lid on:

25% of mobile users open an app once and then never return to it

Emarketer reveals only a handful of apps are actually used on a regular basis by smartphone users. This increasingly competitive market is now facing an uphill struggle to build brand awareness and reengage their audience. Some solutions to these issues include app store optimisation, push notifications and in-app messaging. However, it’s clear that there is more work to do in order to truly retain app users’ attention.

69% of employers believe employees think the organisation is concerned about their financial well-being, when only 10% of employees actually have faith in this

A recent report by Barclays indicates a demand to focus more on employee needs to increase employee engagement. Personalised communications strategies will play a pivotal role in reversing such behaviours, restoring trust and increasing productivity.

42% of global consumers think it’s important to own gadgets or personal technology devices

We all know we live in a hyper-connected world better known as the Internet of Things; and Datamonitor Trendsights Cocooning report denotes just that. Global consumers are seeking more technological devices that ever before which is great news for both communicators and marketers alike. As we take one step closer to a more sophisticated and integrated lifestyle, technology adoption will benefit not only consumers, but employers and employees.

By 2025, millennials will constitute 75% of the global workforce

Deloitte’s annual report on millennials – the cohort that are disputably born between 1982 to 1993 – revealed this segment is now the biggest generation in the USA’s workforce and will continue to outperform worldwide. Due to the many world events millennials encountered during their ‘coming of age’ years – from 9/11 through to the financial crisis, the advent of social media and digitalisation – tomorrow’s future leaders demand a transparent business culture, flexibility and core ethical principles.

More than a billion people used Facebook on Monday 24th August 2015

According to founder Mark Zuckerburg, the social media giant toppled more than a billion users in one day. In his words “1 in 7 people on earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family”. Or to put it into perspective, that’s almost the equivalent of the whole population of China.

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