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This month Account Manager and communication expert, Tara Gallagher, lifts the lid on talent attraction and emerging trends in the landscape.

What are the key drivers for talent attraction?

Tara: There are multiple drivers that influence talent attraction including your employer brand, corporate culture, career opportunities and reward package. A balance of transactional information (processes, policy, content) and emotional aspects (inspirational, entertaining, personalised) in your communication strategy also plays a pivotal part.

How do you find your voice in a sea of mass talent communication?

Tara: When it comes to ‘being heard’, you need to have the right foundations in place. This includes a well-thought-out employer brand that encapsulates your employer value proposition (EVP) supported by a corporate narrative that’s in-line with your business goals. Be creative, clear and concise when it comes to running your campaigns. People are largely time-poor so don’t make it difficult or complicated. In the age of technology, if you don’t have those elements in place, people will expose what they think of your employer brand on sites such as Glassdoor (a site where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management).

What are the benefits of an effective talent attraction strategy for the wider company?

Tara: Many! But just some of the benefits include increased productivity, performance and a healthier bottom line. More importantly, an effective talent attraction strategy will ‘live and breathe’ the brand promise, matching perceptions with reality from recruitment to on-boarding and beyond. This will lead to greater job satisfaction across the workforce and influence employee engagement levels within the organisation.

What sort of trends are emerging in the talent attraction landscape?

Tara: Overall, brands are embracing social media wholeheartedly due to its reach and accessibility. Businesses are adopting sophisticated tactics to get noticed such as ‘a day in the life of an employee’ infographic on LinkedIn, Soundcloud clip of a Q&A on career pathing through to a Vimeo clip about an ‘insider’s perspective’ on the corporate culture. There are also social recruitment sites like Talent Rocket (the UK version of Glassdoor) which enables companies to promote their employer brand and corporate culture – and match them with prospective employees who share the same values. Your EVP has never been so important!

In your opinion, which brands excel at talent attraction?

Tara: The Body Shop and L’Oréal have a fantastic approach when it comes to talent attraction. They’re always thinking out of the box when it comes to talent marketing. Unilever is also doing a fab job at bringing to life its employer brand – both internally and externally. The company definitely approach talent attraction in the same way as a marketing professional would.

What are your top three tips for creating an inspirational talent attraction strategy?


  • Have a well-defined EVP and employer brand to draw your strategy from. Keep in mind certain elements within your EVP will resonate with prospective employees more. Tailor carefully for maximum impact
  • Do your homework and incorporate channels that relate to your audience needs. If you’re targeting senior executives, chances are they won’t be interested in a Snapchat campaign!
  • Curate and create content that dovetails your corporate narrative and EVP. It will help increase engagement with your employer brand

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