Get the best out of your people

Evaluate and transform

The diagnostic tool that empowers HR and Internal Communication professionals to evaluate and transform the effectiveness of employee communication.

Engagement metrics

Ten engagement metrics evaluate the effectiveness of your current approach to employee communication.

Targeted communication strategy

Use the insights gathered to create and implement an evidence-based, results driven communication strategy that targets specific areas.

Track and refine

Track and refine your approach to improve the way you engage your employees, enabling effective change and boosting productivity.

How it works



An initial stage to determine goals – this can be done with simple 1-2-1 stakeholder discussion or a more in-depth ‘clinic’ to assess scope and key objectives



Choral generates a digital questionnaire to selected stakeholder and employee groups. It evaluates current effectiveness of communication according to ten metrics identified as key enablers driving engagement, productivity and performance.


Analyse & benchmark

Choral provides an analysis of the generated data. The results are illustrated graphically and bench marked over time and against best practice/industry peers



A Diagnostic and Remedy report is generated which outlines insights and recommended communication strategy

Insight, transformation and performance

  1. Identifying strengths and weaknesses across all or selected functions
  2. Generating insight of current internal communication trends
  3. Creating an evidence-based results driven communication strategy
  4. Benchmarking performance against industry comparators
  5. Tracking the impact of change and refining approach.
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