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Our strengths at Caburn Hope are in our strong team mix; of genders, skills, business and marketing expertise. During March, however, in parallel with Women’s History Month and along with Spring Forward, we are celebrating the role of women in digital culture.

A major gender imbalance remains across the industry. Women comprise just 12% of computer science degree applicants and hold just 25% of all tech jobs.

To encourage women to take a greater role in digital, Spring Forward is creating a platform that promotes digital community events in Brighton, organised by women for women.

Caburn Hope will be attending the SheSays event, Speak Up, towards the end of the month. The organisation is a global creative network for women, running free mentorship and events in the creative and marketing businesses. Topics being discussed will include integrity, diversity, growth and community.

Life before digital

As an agency established more than 20 years ago, Caburn Hope has seen the role of digital grow in prominence to become what is today – the linchpin of the modern world and creative marketing.

In the founding days of Caburn Hope there was no Google, no Twitter, no YouTube, no Drupal or Java, no camera/video “cell” phones and DVD discs and players had yet to become commercially available.

Elizabeth Spencer-Phillips, Caburn Hope Director and Lead Marketing Consultant, delves back in time to remember working with the client Swisscom.

“They were one of the first to introduce wireless internet into public spaces. We branded up City Airport and produced in-hotel comms to try to explain to the public what wireless was. How the world has changed!!”

The life of a digital marketer

Another of Caburn Hope’s very own, Rebecca Harding, has been working within the digital field for 8 years. Here she talks about her love of digital and journey to acquiring the skills she has today.

“At school my passion was always creativity – photography, art and design. I went on to study film theory and critical writing at Uni. My mission was to make film beautiful! I decided not to continue down the road of film school, but took that creative vision into a new field.

As a graduate, I joined a small agency in Hove. They produce software and web apps alongside other digital and branding services. Before long I quite naturally moved from an administrator role into project management.

My Dad is a software developer, so I’ve grown up around computers and I.T. so it’s an area I’m comfortable with. Making “tech” language understandable – interpreting it so it’s coherent to all – is something I’m really good at and really enjoy.

Working for Caburn Hope on The Gym Group’s first major iteration of their website was a particularly great project to work on, and a real learning experience. My project management skills were flexed to the max in helping transform the original site; integrating the bespoke backend with the new open source CMS (TYPO3).

I continue to love flexing my digital knowledge for other Caburn Hope clients, particularly on the web app and e-commerce side. It’s the problem solving aspect and need to keep an eye on the bigger picture that keeps me engaged – always needing to be aware of the impact that one change here may have elsewhere.

The world of digital and tech moves fast. So it’s a field that’s always changing and developing – another reason why I love it. The ever evolving digital landscape is always interesting. I currently have my eye on the new macbook!

As a woman in the marketing industry with a passion for digital, I hope that the future will see more schools and businesses working in partnership to deliver forward-thinking education, more female role models and more women receiving the recognition in the industry that they rightly deserve.

I think it’s my skill and ability to really listen, to interpret and to articulate all things “digital” in a way that is clear that has helped me along my career. Not sure these are specifically women’s strengths, but they are definitely not exclusively men’s.”

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