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S & P Global
S & P Global

S&P Global – Compensation

The challenge

  • End of year pay communication
  • Mid-year pay communication
  • Support leadership on the compensation process for employees


Guidelines for Compensation Decision Makers

To help leaders make compensation decisions and understand their role in the wider compensation process

Managing Pay Conversations Guide

Guidance on how to prepare, communicate and manage employee pay expectations and conversations

Manager Talking Points

PDF to guide Compensation Decision Makers on the pay process, segmented for each division of the company

E-learning module

To provide support for Compensation Decision Makers on how to complete the online compensation tool; a best in class total compensation planning platform used by many global firms


Segmented and targeted email campaigns on the annual compensation process


  • S&P Global report leaders are now empowered to communicate effectively with staff – and make the right decisions on the compensation process
  • Consequently, employees are actively engaging with end of year and mid-year conversations leading to increased productivity
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