Is your workplace Period Positive?

May 25th 2023 Wellbeing Talent
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By Sarah Sullivan
Senior Consultant

The menstrual cycle! A common thread that connects not just women but all of us. Why? Because without the biological process of menstruation, none of us would be here. Yet, period shame and period poverty continues to plague both the global north and the global south. In fact, last year, the World Bank found that in total, an estimated 500 million women lack access to menstrual products and adequate facilities for menstrual hygiene management. 

Therefore, despite us making significant progress in gender equity all around the world, girls are still missing school and women are still facing obstacles in their careers because of their period. 

In the UK, studies from the Bloody Good Period have shown that:

  • 89% of women have experienced anxiety or stress in the workplace due to their period
  • 25% believe that taking time off because of menstrual health issues has impacted their career progression

World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023 

On May 28th, the world is encouraged to celebrate World Menstrual Hygiene Day. A day created in 2014 to highlight the importance of Menstrual Health and to help combat period shame. 

We wanted to use this important awareness day to share some simple ways organizations can work towards achieving a more menstrual friendly workplace. 

The Caburn Hope 5 step guide to a Period Positive workplace:

  1. Menstrual Product Supply: Ensure your office always has a regular supply of menstrual products available. It’s also important that you provide a variety of options to ensure menstrual product choice.
  2. Normalise The Conversation: Whether you sit in the C-suite, manage a small team or are a new starter, we all have a role to play when it comes to speaking more openly about menstruation.
  3. Sign up to ‘The Bloody Good Employers Programme’: Bloody Good Period is a charity fighting for menstrual equity in the UK. To become accredited as a Bloody Good Employer, you can sign up as an organisation and complete a four-step certification programme.
  4. Encourage Flexi-working for Period Days: Offer flexible working policies for all workers in your organisation. That way, everyone is treated the same and women can take advantage if they are experiencing period pain or would rather be at home during their monthly cycle.
  5. Support Menstrual Health Day: Whether it’s a Yammer post, a dedicated newsletter, or the promotion of some of the women’s health benefits you have on offer to your employees – find a way to support MH Day and to change the narrative around periods.


If you are interested in discussing more on this topic, reach out to us and we can support you to ensure your organization is promoting a period positive culture. 

Sarah Sullivan profile photo
By Sarah Sullivan
Senior Consultant