In The Spotlight With Production Lead & Employee Communication Specialist, Alex Jones

October 11th 2020 Employee Communications

Work has always been important to me from an early age. It has given me choices, freedom and purpose that has shaped the person I am today. I have always been driven and competitive, particularly with myself! Starting out in a restaurant kitchen at 16, I used to time myself to see how many potatoes I could peel and try and beat that the following week (I always did). Even though a simple and repetitive task, I found purpose and enjoyment in this. 

I believe that happiness is the most important thing in life, and it is completely unique for each individual person. What motivates you? What do you enjoy? Why do you do, what you do? We can only answer that honestly ourselves. For me, it’s about being in a fun environment that teaches, supports, challenges, provides opportunities and pushes you to be better. This is a never-ending journey, not a task that can be completed.  I have been fortunate enough to have worked in exciting and supportive organisations and these positive experiences have shaped not only my career, but who I am as a friend, father, husband, and person. Who we are and what we do at work makes us much more powerful. 

I have always really enjoyed working in agencies, the variety that it offers and the challenging nature of meeting and exceeding people’s expectations. The opportunity to work on exciting and ambitious projects that deliver results and make things better is what keeps me interested each day. 

Working in employee communications allows me to explore these personal interests further. Like myself, I hope that all people find purpose and fulfilment in what they are doing at work. There are many internal and external factors that influence this, but employee communications are essential. How people feel connected to the organisation that they are working for, how they feel valued and respected has such a big impact for the individual and organisation itself. Done in the right way, an individual will feel more connected to the purpose, objectives, and values of an organisation and in turn the organisation will have a more motivated and engaged team to meet their objectives. 

Through countless workshops with people from all over the world I am always fascinated to hear what motivates them, what they value the most and how they feel about communication in their organisations. Listening to these honest, sometimes happy, sometimes challenging experiences motivates me to deliver campaigns that drive real change. Communication can change the way that you look at something, the way you feel about something. It is not just transactional information delivered to tick a box, but an emotional interaction that can change the way you think and feel. 

So that’s me, Alex Jones, Production Lead and Employee Communication Specialist here at Caburn Hope. If you would like to start a conversation, get in touch below…