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September 2nd 2020 Corporate Culture

Background & personality

Vicky, who left a very successful London agency career to start a family and return to her home town, Hassocks, makes a superb return to agency life!

What’s your goal? What influenced you?

Moving from London to Sussex with two small children in tow, avoiding a long commute was top of Vicky’s priorities, so she set out the search for a role closer to home. For a while she tried a completely different industry - a fantastic tech company based on a farm - never quite getting use to a herd of cows staring her down through the window while tapping away on the laptop! There was always loads going on there and the most amazing close-knit team. But very quickly Vicky was starting to miss agency life – “perhaps I have a slight addiction to the rush of adrenaline you get working towards that tight ‘go live’ deadline, the high you feel when a client signs off the creative route that you just know will have the impact to land effectively or the feeling of satisfaction when campaign traffic goes through the roof”, Vicky adds.

Whatever it was, Vicky couldn’t shift Caburn Hope from her mind. A specialist, award-winning employee engagement agency 30 minutes from the new home – Vicky said “it felt perfect, completely aligned to my background, an impressive list of global clients and a friendly bunch too!” So, in February 2020 Vicky joined the team as Client Development Manager and is now delighted to be appointed Account Director responsible for 6 flagship accounts.

Why Caburn Hope and Vicky are a great fit

Our mission at Caburn Hope is to improve the lives of employees worldwide through communication. Coming from an employer branding and employee communications background, it’s something Vicky really relates to and feels is so important. The work we’re involved in affects people’s careers – some of the biggest decisions people will make in their life are around their careers: who they work for, how they perform and why they stay. Although we use marketing principles in everything we do, our focus is on engaging individuals so they are driven to work towards, and achieve, their company purpose and mission.

“I find this space so rewarding to work in and the insight you get into a client’s culture and strategy is absolutely fascinating” reveals Vicky.

The future…

Vicky says of her future at Caburn Hope…. “For many of our clients, this is a challenging time but with such a great team here at Caburn Hope, I know we will get through it.

Coronavirus is a case in point. It will challenge us, like it has many companies, but the company has been able to adapt and continue BAU. Knowing the story of where the company has come from, surviving two global recessions, I know exactly what it’s capable of achieving in the future. I only have to look at how people responded in this current crisis; how everyone across the team has come together to ensure we don’t let our clients down.

At Caburn Hope, we are a great team, with so much creativity, and with the help of our clients and talented third-party providers, we’ll keep developing innovative campaigns that really improve the lives of employees worldwide.”
Vicky Johnstone, Account Director
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