HR communication Reach your desired 'future state' in 2018!

Here we are again, the start of another year. The time to set goals that will help us improve over the course of 2018. Have you set yourself some resolutions personally and/or professionally? I have. Whilst not particularly original, I’ve set myself a goal of getting fitter, and joined a gym to help me do so.

As part of my induction, I was introduced to a piece of kit and app called BodiTrax. Having stood on a body scanning machine for a few minutes, nervously holding on to the sensory grips, the screen eventually changed to ‘scan complete’. The software then went on to show me a range of different measures that represented my ‘current state’ of fitness. It wasn’t all pleasant reading, but it gave me the data I needed to take my very broad original resolution of ‘getting fitter’ and transform it into a targeted plan, focused on the specific areas that need the most attention. It also gave me a set of benchmarks that I can properly measure my progress against, rather than just speculating over whether my jeans feel a little less tight.

Knowing your current state is a crucial first step in making positive changes, at home or in business. After all, how can you get to where you want to be if you don’t know where you currently are? The same is true in Caburn Hope’s area of expertise: employee communication. That’s why we’ve developed a unique communication audit process that we use to establish the current state of organisations employee communication.

Just like the BodiTrax app, the output of our process is an extensive set of data that can be analysed to identify your current state, and then used to formulate a targeted communication plan focused on the areas where change is most needed. Perhaps, most importantly it provides benchmarks that can be used to measure the impact of any action being taken and the progress being made towards your desired future state.

We often speak to HR professionals who know they have a communication issue and that they’re not achieving the levels of engagement they would like, but they don’t have the data needed to produce a powerful enough business case for change. Our communication audit process empowers our clients by giving them the evidence they need to build that business case and make better-informed decisions about where best to focus their investment.

So, if improving employee communication and engagement levels is one of your 2018 business resolutions and you’d like to know more about our communication audit process, please do get in touch. As it’s January, the first five organisations that contact us will receive 50% off the usual investment cost.

Whatever your resolutions for 2018, whatever your desired future state, I wish you the best of luck. I know I’m going to need it with my resolution!

Steve Sykes
Director, Business Development