Earth Day

April 22nd 2022
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By Oliver Hopkins
Marketing Executive

Celebrating Earth Day in style

As leading communication experts, we are motivated in setting the highest standards in everything we do. That means driving positive change wherever we can.

Caburn Hope’s brand essence and ethos is to emotionally make the lives of people better by unleashing the power to inspire and engage. Being partners with an organisation that significantly empowers people to alleviate extreme poverty in their impacted communities by connecting, improving, and harmonizing with nature is an approach that we whole-heartedly support.

Making the world a better place for us and future generations is so important to everyone at Caburn Hope. For this to happen, people and nature need to co-exist in a sustainable way.

Trees play a vital part in making the world a better place by protecting our planet. Read on to find out just how important trees are to our planet, our partners Eden Reforestation Projects, and our targets for this year.

Let’s talk about trees!

There aren’t many trees that can survive in the salty, muddy, waters of the tropical intertidal zone - the hot, soggy, boundary between the lands of the Equator and the sea. But the mangrove tree can.

These trees have evolved a host of traits that make them survivors of the salt-lands. Some get rid of excess minerals by excreting them through their leaves. Others grow long, twisted roots that protrude from the ground, helping the plant to aerate despite the oxygen-poor soil. 

Mangroves are adaptable, and hardy. And where the mangrove forests flourish, our planet thrives too...

Improving water quality

The roots of mangrove trees hold onto tidal sediment, improving the quality of the water, and reducing erosion. This stabilises the shoreline and protects inland areas from storm surges. 

Supporting life 

The root networks provide unique habitats, supporting biodiversity, and creating unique feeding grounds and nurseries for thousands of species, from the proboscis monkeys of Borneo to the prehistoric-looking hoatzin of the Amazon. 

These trees are so important to sea-life, that the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center has stated that the loss of one acre of mangrove forest will cause a loss of 124 tonnes of fish per year. And as if those environmental consequences weren’t enough...

Reducing harmful greenhouse gases

...there’s the vital role that mangrove forests play in absorbing carbon dioxide, and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases – the leading cause of climate change - in the atmosphere. The trees use the carbon to grow. When they die, the carbon stays locked in their leaves and branches, which fall to the seafloor, and become safely buried under the water. 

Trees play a vital part in protecting our planet

That’s a big factor as to why we are partners with Eden Reforestation Projects: a non-profit organisation working to mitigate climate change.

Eden Reforestation Projects is a charity working with local communities in nine countries around the world. They grow, plant, and guard forests of native trees – many of them mangrove forests – through to maturity.

Reforestation is a critical way in which humans can work to support the earth. In 2018, the UN’s development agency, the UNDP, issued a statement saying: 

“Forests are a major, requisite front of action in the global fight against catastrophic climate change – thanks to their unparalleled capacity to absorb and store carbon. Forests capture carbon dioxide at a rate equivalent to about one-third the amount released annually by burning fossil fuels. Stopping deforestation and restoring damaged forests, therefore, could provide up to 30 percent of the climate solution.”

This year, we want to support Eden Reforestation Projects to plant over 12,500 trees on our behalf

Last year we managed to support the planting of around 8,000 trees with Eden reforestation Projects but this year we have set our sights higher.

We used Viessman’s static chart calculated from statistics and world CO2 data to assess how many trees would be needed to offset the average UK individual’s annual carbon footprint. The chart states this is around 825 trees. 

With this knowledge, we plan on supporting Eden Reforestation Projects with the planting of more than 12,500 trees that will offset 15 of the average UK individual’s annual carbon footprint. This means we hope to offset each of our core consultant's carbon footprint annually! 

That is our target. But we also pledge to plant more trees every time someone...

  • Signs up to our newsletter10 trees
  • Attends a Caburn Hope webinar – 60 trees
  • Signs up as a new client – 100 trees

As important as carbon storage is, it is also about directly changing people’s lives for the better. Alleviating extreme poverty, empowering people to work with nature whilst earning a fair and sustainable income is an essential benefit. By signing up to our newsletter, attending one of our webinars, or signing up as a new client, you can help. 


So, to find out more about Eden Reforestation Projects, click here

And to find out more about the ways in which our communication specialists can support you with your next project – supporting the planting of trees as we go - click here

Oliver Hopkins Profile image
By Oliver Hopkins
Marketing Executive