Trends in benefits communication

The results are in. Research reveals 69 per cent of employees are likely to stay with an employer that offers a good benefits package1. Great news, if your employees fully appreciate – and understand – your offering. But what if they fall into the camp of confusion?

With roughly, half of employees believing their benefits package is not tailored to their needs2, here are the key trends that need addressing:

45 per cent of people say their employers’ benefits communication helps them understand their options and builds appreciation about what benefits they’re selecting3

Tip: Define your benefit proposition and structure key messaging according to target audience needs.

A staggering 86 per cent of employees say it’s the company’s responsibility to communicate how they can get the most out of their benefits package4

Tip: Good comms doesn’t transmit a message; it uses a storytelling approach that combines both transactional and emotional messaging. So, create a community and social interaction with your people.

Roughly 92 per cent of people are falling short of their pension targets5

Tip: It’s vital employers develop a communication strategy that builds awareness and understanding of their pension package and what it personally means for employees. Avoid jargon and be direct. Use consistent key messages that are easily understood.

71 per cent of HR professionals report targeted comms is the future to boosting their benefits strategy6

Tip: Cater to a segmented audience – be it entitled employees, eligible jobholders and non-eligible jobholders. Communications should also be branded consistently for a seamless employee experience.

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