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Whatever the size of your company you know that driving growth in your business is essential for a whole host of reasons, particularly as we emerge from a period of economic uncertainty, which has been tough on all businesses.

But in today’s multi channel digital landscape it can feel overwhelming when trying to determine what activity and what channels are right for your business growth plan.

Digital marketing – getting the right advice

Despite the huge presence of the digital world in most consumers’ lives, digital marketing still remains something of a mystery to many businesses. So getting the right advice from a growth marketing agency is a vital step to developing your digital marketing presence.

Digital marketing requires strategy

But jumping into a wave of digital marketing is simply not the answer for driving growth. Many business today carry out digital marketing in some shape or form but quite often without any detailed strategy in place. 50% of businesses surveyed in recent research conducted by Comms Axis, do not have a clear digital strategy and nearly half (45%) don’t have a defined marketing plan to align digital strategy against.

TIP: If you have decided to develop your digital marketing presence then work with an integrated marketing agency with online experience and expertise to help you to develop a solid growth marketing strategy and execute it in the optimal way.

What channels should I use?

The digital landscape grows every day and with this growth comes an ever more complex web of digital marketing channels competing for our attention. But which of these channels are going to provide the leverage you need to drive growth and sales?

Without a clearly defined strategy many businesses favour a scattergun approach by attempting to spread their brand over as many channels as possible. This is not an effective strategy and will only waste time and resource.

TIP: Ask yourself the following questions instead:

  • How much time/budget do I have?
  • Where are my customers?
  • How do they like to engage with the brand?
  • Which channels really resonate with my brand?

These simple questions will help you start to focus your strategy and will help you to consider the following digital activities.

Email Marketing – a thriving channel

Email marketing is still a hugely popular digital channel and for good reason since it can yield an ROI of up to 4,300%. With an estimated 2.3 billion email accounts worldwide, email has almost three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined and is expected to grow to over 2.7 billion users by 2016.

As part of your customer relationship management you should be generating leads and collecting contact information of your customers and potential customers. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to send a range of emails designed for brand building, conversion, and newsletters.

Social Media Marketing – time to dive in

Attitudes towards social media amongst businesses are changing with Constant Contact reporting that 81% of businesses they surveyed are now using social media to market their businesses, up from 73% in the spring. And there is good reason for this; social media marketing is a fantastic way to grow brand awareness. However, without the right strategy and the right activity, social media marketing may not be the most effective channel. Talk to a marketing agency with online expertise and let them establish the most effective platforms to use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Anyone using the Internet almost certainly uses a search engine to access information on the net. The search engines utilise powerful algorithms, which guess which websites a user is seeking.  Investing in an SEO strategy can be an incredibly effective way of raising your brands digital presence because by optimising the website your brand can potentially appear nearer the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising – if carried out well – can deliver highly targeted traffic of potential customers within a very short period of time. However this activity is very much constrained by budget so it’s worth asking yourself the question: ‘How much am I willing to pay for one customer’? Not the easiest question to answer, but it’s very easy to spend a great deal of money on PPC so be clear on your budget up front.

Also it’s worth bearing in mind that there is no replacement for experience when running an effective PPC campaign. The effectiveness of PPC advertising relies on how well you research and choose your keywords for targeting potential customers. Thought also needs to go into the visual and contextual information in your advertising.

Expertise essential

Whilst there is no question that digital marketing is an absolutely essential activity for any business looking to develop a growth marketing strategy, finding the right combination of channels and activity requires knowledge and expertise.

We are an integrated, fast track marketing agency with a team of experienced and smart thinking marketing consultants, project managers and creatives, eager to discuss the right digital marketing strategy for growing your business.

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