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If you are reading this the chances are that your Christmas marketing strategy is not as finely honed as you planned it to be – but don’t lose heart, even if your Christmas marketing hasn’t yet gone to plan there is still plenty you can do before the new year.

Affiliates, Affiliates, Affiliates

You may have already marketed heavily to your own customer base to the point that you feel it unwise to message further for fear of saturation. By connecting with affiliated businesses however you increase the opportunities to broaden your reach. Kunal Patel advises to: Speak to your affiliate contacts regularly as this will invariably open up avenues that you may not have been aware of or lead to opportunities being created especially for you.

Seasonal Reductions/Offers

Everyone does them, right? Look at your competitors, and yes they are pushing special Christmas offers – so that’s your reason to do it too! Our advice is not to go overboard. Target a couple of strong special offers and put energy into creating some noise around these. This will act as a draw to potential customers and prime them for any other promotions you may have.

Create something easy for the last minute shopper

This is a key audience to target. Approximately 20% of US shoppers don’t begin their Christmas shopping until well after December begins. Consider creating digital gift cards or e-vouchers for the many shoppers who simply run out of time and options and need something quickly.


Time is something that last minute shoppers do not have a great deal of, so a well-executed e-marketing offer can be an incredibly valuable marketing activity. Jennifer Shaheen suggests that, rather than emphasising special offers, the focus instead should be on highlighting best selling items that offer broad appeal and that are easy to order.  Remember that last minute shoppers are less concerned with saving money and don’t want to get bogged down with too much choice which slows down their purchasing.

Get social

Social Media is a quick win way of promoting products, special offers/reductions/competitions etc. Connect with your affiliates and develop reciprocal offers. These should showcase your offerings to a potentially much wider audience, fast!

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