2014 has been a busy year in the world of marketing and at Caburn Hope. This year any marketing agency worth it’s salt will have been focused on campaigns that were content driven, multi-channel and personalised. A really great agency needs to understand the ever changing marketing landscape and our talented team of marketing consultants at Caburn Hope are always discussing the latest innovative ads, brands and campaigns. Here is a selection of the best chosen by some of our team!

thetrainline.com – #ChristmasPartyFails email campaign

Daniel, Account Manager

This is pretty funny and an effective use of email marketing. The great visuals in the infographic have a serious point to make – don’t go ‘off the rails’ and miss your last train because you’re too drunk! We’ve all been there, right?”

#icebucketchallenge – social media campaign

Toni, PR and Marketing Manager

“This shows the power of a social/viral campaign, and how something so simple can spread like wildfire – as it did this summer. The fact that celebrities also got involved helped to drive the success even further, demonstrating the power celebrity endorsement can bring. I think it also goes some way to showing what can go wrong with something like this – some people jump on the bandwagon for fun, thus losing (or not understanding) the purpose of what it’s for (in this instance Motor Neurone Disease). Also widely criticised as the Macmillan cancer support charity benefited from many donations!”

#LidlSuprises – TV ad campaign

Roxanne, Account Manager

I like this as it challenges perceptions (mine included) – cheap doesn’t mean poor quality!  And when tasted blind there is little difference between what you would buy from Lidl and another mainstream supermarket. Also lots of relevant ads at the moment with the #LidlChristmas campaign, all around putting on an affordable festive feast!”

B&Q Christmas ‘Unleash’ – TV ad campaign

Tina, Account Manager

“A continuation of the ‘Unleash’ series, this campaign is spearheaded by a brilliant TV ad. It’s really humorous and very watchable – and not at all obvious!”

Top 4 – various

Jenna, Account Manager

“All these ads were either on TV, billboards or online and all create that important connection and visceral reaction for me – I smile, or laugh or cry or think, and that is a successful campaign in my view! A bad campaign is forgettable, bland and generic and doesn’t reach out to anyone.

4th place… McVities Chocolatey Snuggles

Very clever, great concept, strong collection of ads that went viral. It plays on emotion and comfort in a big way for all ages.

3rd place… Iceland Peter Andre TV ads 

Funny and ironic. Made me think, hey Iceland don’t take themselves seriously! Because of that I think this ad has earned a lot of respect for the brand and for Peter.

2nd place… Dove real beauty sketches campaign

Made me think and cry and wonder if they were actors!? Very convincing, beautiful and effective concept that went viral.

1st Place…. Silver Line Visiting Gramps campaign

Again, made me cry and think, and want to help, so I have volunteered my time this Xmas day as a result.

TUSK Conservation Awards – rebrand

Stevie Robinson, Project Manager

“I think this is a really clever use of flexible branding, using pattern and colour to bring a wide range of elements together. Love it!”

Fruit shoot’s ‘get your shoot on’ – on pack and digital promotion

Jess, Production Manager

“This is based around various sports skills and a ‘win a skills park’ for your area competition. It also has a TV tie-in with Nickleodeon and online ‘how to’ videos for BMXing, skateboarding, baseketball etc. It’s really good to see children’s brands getting kids involved in being more active, particularly in ways that they can keep up in their local area. The look and feel is spot on for this age group, with graffiti-like graphics, and the sports they focus on. The multi-channel approach makes it a promotion that kids in their target age group are likely to want to get involved in.”


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